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Guittard Milk A'peels coating chocolate is a perfect replacement for Merckens®. They are an all around compound coating chocolate and don't require tempering!

Important: For a shiny finished product, A’Peels should be melted to 120-125 F until it is smooth and all of the lumps are gone. Then let the chocolate cool, but keep it between 105F– 125F while working. If it gets too cool, reheat to 120-125F again to use.

Take care not to overheat your chocolate as it can burn quickly. A’Peels can still bloom. Bloom happens when the chocolate has been heated too high too quickly and the result is the fat (oil) comes to the surface of the chocolate and gives it that chalky white look.

If you have bloom on the chocolates that you have dipped or molded, it is probably due to the temperature getting too high while melting your chocolate. If it got too hot, when it sets, it will bloom. We recommend using a candy thermometer.

They can be easily melted over a double boiler, or in a microwave oven in a microwave proof container on half power with 10 second intervals of heating and stirring.

Guittard A'Peels are Gluten Free and Peanut Free

Certified Kosher - Dairy

Peanut Free Only in 25lb Case

Warm Weather Shipping Warning

Flour Confections does NOT recommend shipping chocolate products during the months of June, July, August & September. If you must have chocolate shipped Flour Confections recommends purchasing COLD PACKS for your order and also choosing the fastest method of shipping possible.

Flour Confections CANNOT guarantee the prevention of melting chocolate products, no matter the month or current temperature, even though you may follow our recommendations of COLD PACKS and CHOOSE the fastest shipping method melting still may occur. Purchase at your own risk.

We recommend the following ratio for cold packs: 1 cold pack per 1kg of chocolate

Should your chocolate arrive melted, often times they can still be used.

Ingredients: Sugar, palm kernel oil, partially hydrogenated palm oil, cocoa, modified milk ingredients, skim milk, sorbitan monostearate, soybean lecithin, vanilla, artificial flavour.


Peanut Free.

Gluten Free


Important! For shiny finished product, melt the pieces completely to120-125°F before the pieces enter the production cycle. And plan for enough time and/or melting capacity to fully melt pieces that may be added during the production cycle.

Batch Method – One Kettle

  1. Melting/Holding Kettle – Using one kettle, it is important to melt all the pieces to 120-125°F before use. During use, hold within the range of 105-125°F. If pieces are added to the one working kettle during use, wait for them to fully melt and to reach the range of 120-125 before continuing production. Use product at 105-125°F.

Batch/Continuous Method – Two Kettles, minimum

  1. Melting Kettle – It is important to melt a starting quantity of the pieces for use to 120-125°F. When needed, replenish with more pieces and allow them to fully melt before transferring to Surge/Supply Kettle.
  2. Surge/Supply Kettle – Transfer product from the melting kettle and draw off for use. Maintain this kettle at a working temperature of 105-125°F. Use product at 110-125°F.

Continuous Method – Holding Tank and Tempering Unit

  1. Melting Tank – Important to melt all pieces for use to 120-125°F. Use product at 105-125°F.
  2. Zone Tempering Machine – Set to 105-125°F. Use product at 105-125°F.

Cooling Conditions – Cooling Tunnel or Cooling Cabinet

  1. For shiny results, cooling tunnel or cooling cabinet should be maintained at 40-60°F. After cooling, avoid conditions that may lead to condensate such as entering a warm, humid environment. A good example is to operate cooling at 50°F and transfer product into a 70°F room at less than 50% relative humidity.
  2. During cooing apply a consistent, good amount of air velocity.
  3. Shock cooling – blast of cold air to start the cooing process will give the best results. For hand dipping, transfer product to the cooling environment as quickly as possible or perform the dipping in the cold room with a fan blowing on the dipped or molded product. It is helpful to provide a wind barrier to the liquid, working product, from the chill of the cold air.
  4. Important: Without good cooling, product will be dull and spotted. These defects will be noticeable immediately. Also, if the product is successfully shiny and smooth, it will stay this way with good storage and shipping in the range of 60°-70°F. The cooling should be set up to avoid condensate when the product leaves the cooling zone.


  1. Enrobing. Use product at 105-125°F.
  2. Thin molding. Use product at 105-125°F.

This material naturally has no pre-crystallizing agent and requires colder temperatures for setting.

If thinner viscosity is desired, use Guittard Item #0193 NH Coating Fat to thin the product at the time of melting.

Disclaimer: Actual product packaging and ingredients may contain more and different information than what is shown on our website. We recommend that you do not rely solely on the information presented and that you always read the label, warnings, and directions before using or consuming a product.
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