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Tiffany 3D Lace Mat - Cake Lace Mat By Claire Bowman

Cake Lace silicone lace mat have be designed to work specifically with Cake Lace Mix and Pre-Mixed lace icing.

To find Cake Lace Mix and Pre-mixed Click Here.

This is sized as approximately:
3.75" x 14.2" (9.5cm x 36cm)

The Tiffany 3D Lace Mat is an elegant design, perfect for use on tiered cakes , and consists of a beautiful lace element, with vintage contrasts. With it's versatile nature, you can create swags, or cupcake sized pieces, to bring the vintage style to your smaller cakes! Due to the different depths of the design in the mat, any lace you create with this mat will have natural 3D highlights. Simply mix and spread your lace onto this mat as normal! These are the first of their kind around, be sure to take a peek!

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