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  • Silver Pearl Opaque - 125ml

    BEST BEFORE MAY 31, 2023

    Now with an Easy Pour Cap

    What makes PrimAIRy Colors™ airbrush colors unique?

    PrimAIRy Colors™ airbrush colors are made from ethanol and powdered food colors. When used via an airbrush, the ethanol evaporates almost immediately upon contact, leaving only the color behind. PrimAIRy Colors™ airbrush colors produce a vibrant, opaque, matte finish allowing you to airbrush one color over another without mixing like traditional water based airbrush colors - even with white!

    PrimAIRy Colors™ airbrush colors can be used on fondant, buttercream, and you can even paint chocolates as well!

    For best results, be sure to stir your color with a bamboo skewer or similar and then replace cap and shake vigorously before each use.

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