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All items in this category are short dated and close to sale date expiry.


10% Off! Baby Blue Edible Lustre Spray - 100 ml

BEST BEFORE JULY 7TH, 2017. PME Edible Lustre Spray 100ml (Baby Blue). Lustre sprays are used to highlight enhance…

10% Off! Callebaut Pistachio Paste 1 kg

BEST BEFORE JULY 12TH, 2017. 100% pistachios in a smooth, liquid paste by Callebaut. Size: 1kg (2.2 lbs) Carefully selecting the…

10% Off! Nutella 1 kg Piping Bag

20% Off! Gum Tragacanth 2.7 oz

20% Off! Mango Flavor Compound by Hero

20% Off! Red Rainbow Dust Edible Glitter

20% Off! Sanding Sugar - Pastel Yellow 4 oz

20% Off! Sapphire Blue Rainbow Dust Edible Glitter

20% Off! Sun Kissed Yellow Dream Fondant - 2 lbs

20% Off! Turquoise Rainbow Dust Edible Glitter

50% Off! Callebaut Cocoa Nibs - 1Kg

50% Off! Crispy Dragee Pearlescent Blue - 700 g

BEST BEFORE APRIL 15TH, 2017. These pearl blue crispy dragees or pearls are filled with rice cereal treats and milk…

50% Off! Hearts - Multi Colored 2.6 oz

50% Off! Jimmies - Lavender 16 oz (1 lb)

50% Off! Jimmies - Lavender Color 3.2 oz

50% Off! Jimmies - Orange Color 3.2 oz

50% Off! Mini Bunny Shapes - 5 lbs

BEST BEFORE JANUARY 13TH, 2017. Add a little fun to your confection projects wiith these adorable edible confetti mini…

50% Off! Mocha - Coffee Flavoured Fondarific Fondant. 2 lbs

Mocha - Coffee Flavoured Fondarific fondant. 2 lbs BEST BEFORE JUNE 10TH, 2017. Fondarific uses only high quality ingredients to create…

50% Off! Orange Flavor Compound by Hero

50% Off! Orange Sugar Pearls 113.4 g 4 mm