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All items in this category are short dated and close to sale date expiry.


LAST CALL SHORT DATE Jimmies - Jewel Blend 6 lbs

BEST BEFORE JANUARY 18TH, 2018. Use these jewel pearl blended jimmies to decorate your cakes, cupcakes, cookies, other baked…

SHORT DATE Ash Americolor 0.75 oz Soft Gel Paste

Out of Stock

Ash Americolor 0.75 oz Soft Gel Paste…

SHORT DATE Blueberry Flavor Compound by Hero

SHORT DATE Callebaut White Chocolate W2 - 2.5 kg

SHORT DATE Chocolate Coffee Beans - 1kg

Out of Stock

SHORT DATE Dragee Gold 10mm - 500g

SHORT DATE Dragee Gold 8mm - 500g

SHORT DATE Fondx Purple Fondant 2 lbs

SHORT DATE FS2 White Fabulace - 500 g

Brand New from Confectioners Choice® - FabuLace™ White 500 gram Lace Mix. BEST BEFORE NOVEMBER 30TH, 2017. Making edible, flexible sugar…

SHORT DATE Gluten Free Chocolate Cake Mix - 1 lb

SHORT DATE Green Sugar Pearls 113.4 g  4 mm

SHORT DATE Gum Tragacanth 16 oz (1 lb)

SHORT DATE Ivory Pearlized Sugar Pearls 113 g 4 mm