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Satin Ice Buttercream Icing Mix - 2 lbs (0.91 kg)

Satin Ice Buttercream Icing Mix is a soft dough-like base that mixes to a light, fluffy buttercream. Just add real butter, a touch of water and mix for that authentic taste of homemade buttercream… all in a fraction of the time. Forming a light delicate crust while remaining soft on the inside, our buttercream can be used for covering & decorating, piping flowers & borders, string work, filling, crumb coat, and dessert base. Simply adjust the amount of water to suit your needs – firm, medium or soft. Add color & flavor to customize and express your creativity!

Quick & Easy: 80% reduction in prep time compared to making from scratch
Performance: Adjust the amount of water for firm, medium or soft
Efficiency: Use the same recipe for filling, crumb coat, piping, flower work etc.
Consistency: Same great taste, consistency and freshness with every batch

Gluten Free, Nut Free, non-PHO & Kosher

Vegan & Dairy Free when used with butter alternatives.

Ingredients: Sugar, soybean oil, hydrogenated vegetable oil (soybean, cottonseed), water, corn syrup, natural and artificial flavors, citric acid, mono- and diglycerides, TBHQ, polysorbate 60.

Gluten Free, Nut Free, non-PHO & Kosher

Vegan & Dairy Free when used with butter alternatives.

Getting Started

Step 1: Prepare ingredients – Electric Mixer with Paddle or Hand Mixer with Beaters, Buttercream Icing Mix, 4 Tbsp softened butter (per 1lb Icing Mix), 1 Tbsp cool water (per 1lb Icing Mix)
Step 2: Add Buttercream Icing Mix and butter to mixing bowl. Mix medium speed for 1 to 2 minutes until butter is incorporated, scraping sides as necessary
Step 3: Mix low/medium speed, slowly add water until incorporated
Step 4: Mix low/medium speed another 1 to 2 minutes until smooth

How much buttercream does a 2lb pail of Icing Mix make?

  • 2 lb Buttercream Icing Mix yields 4.5 cups of buttercream using recommended recipe
  • 2 lb Buttercream Icing Mix yields 5 cups of buttercream using ‘fluffy’ recipe
  • It takes about 2½ to 3 cups of icing to generously fill and frost a two-layer 9-inch cake.
  • For a three-layer cake, plan on using 3½ to 4 cups

What kind of butter can I use?

For most versatile use, we recommend ½ salted, ½ unsalted. For dietary considerations, shortening or vegan butter can be used in place of butter. Be sure to use butter that is softened to room temperature.

Butter/fat level can be adjusted to achieve desired consistency, recommended range is 2-4 oz per 1 lb of icing mix

BUTTER SUBSTITUTES: High ratio shortening, Vegan butter alternatives, Margarine

What speed should I use on the mixer?

We recommend to always mix on low to medium speed as it prevents air bubbles.

How do I color the buttercream?

Once you have the Buttercream Icing Mix completely combined, you can add color. Gel colors are recommended as the consistency will blend best with the buttercream. Dip a clean toothpick into the gel color and add to the buttercream. Use a spatula or electric mixer to mix the color in. For black buttercream, we recommend starting with chocolate buttercream.

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