• Milk Chocolate Chips 1000ct - 50 lbs 600Milk Chocolate Chips 1000ct - 50 lbs 600
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  • Milk Chocolate Chips 1000ct - 50 lbs

    These Milk Chocolate Chips are classic, versatile, chocolate chips ideal for baking applications. Use these milk chocolate chips for your pastries, cookies, cupcakes and muffins.

    1000 ct is a standard baking chocolate chip size.

    Tip: only mix the chips in the dough at the very end of the kneading process. It will keep the dough from colouring and the chips from breaking down.

    Chips and chunks are to be used as inclusions for baking and never to be tempered as they are not couverture chocolate.

    By Barry Callebaut.

    Warm Weather Shipping Warning

    Flour Confections does NOT recommend shipping chocolate products during the months of June, July, August & September. If you must have chocolate shipped Flour Confections recommends purchasing COLD PACKS for your order ? and also choosing the fastest method of shipping possible.

    Flour Confections CANNOT guarantee the prevention of melting chocolate products, no matter the month or current temperature, even though you may follow our recommendations of COLD PACKS and CHOOSE the fastest shipping method melting still may occur. Purchase at your own risk.

    Should your chocolate arrive melted, often times they can still be used.

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Price increased and chocolate chips seem smaller than before. Taste is still the same so I will continue to purchase. ...

Rated by AS

Hi, the chocolate chips arrived without damage and had several cool pack in them. The taste delicious and are fresh. Thank you! ...

Rated by Tracey S.

Best chocolate around and delivered with a smile! ...

Rated by Trisha B.

Hi there! I am very happy with the chocolate chips I purchased! They were kept cool and are so fresh! Thank you so much! Tracey Spencer ...

Rated by Tracey S.