• Little Ophelia Cake Comb by CakeSafe - 8" Height 600Little Ophelia Cake Comb by CakeSafe - 8" Height 600
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  • More texture, more problems? Nope! Little Ophelia still gets down to business, but does it with a little less polish and a little more earthiness. She gives a more rustic texture than the original Ophelia. Reach for Little Ophelia when decorating a cake for venues set out in the countryside.

    TIP: We find using Cake Combs on cold icing works the best. Our owner Juli chills her iced tiers for at least 1 hour before using a Cake Comb. Apply very light pressure with the Comb, and make many passes until the desired pattern is achieved.

    Made from 1/8" thick clear acrylic. 8" in height.

    Made in the USA

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