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DISCOLOURED Dragee Gold 10mm - 1kg Box

DISCOLOURED Dragee Gold 2mm - 1kg Box

DISCOLOURED Dragee Gold 4mm - 1kg Box

DISCOLOURED Dragee Gold 8mm - 1kg Box

DISCOLOURED Dragee Gold Macaroni - 1kg Box

DISCOLOURED Dragee Gold Paste - 1kg Box

DISCOLOURED Dragee Gold Paste - 250 Gram Jar

DISCOLOURED Dragee Gold Rice - 1kg Box

LAST CALL Antwerp Fabulace Lace Mat

Antwerp lace is known for it's stylized flower pot & lilies motif, and our Antwerp mat is an ode…

LAST CALL Black & Red Zebra Standard Size Cupcake Liner

BLACK & RED ZEBRA STANDARD SIZE CUPCAKE LINER Baking cups are made from grease-resistant Swedish paper which resist wilting,…

LAST CALL Brussels Fabulace Lace Mat

Brussels Fabulace Mat 408x275x2mm Use this lace to adorn your cakes, cupcakes, cookies and confections by brushing or lightly misting the…

LAST CALL Fabric Flowers Stencil Set From Sugar Artistry  by Ste

The fabric flowers stencil kit comes with three different styles of fabric designs. Dots, crescent and fan. Make stunning and…

LAST CALL Large Zigzag Silicone Mold by Elisa Strauss

The Large Zig Zag Trim Mold from the Elisa Strauss Collection creates a fashionable and popular fabric trim from fondant,…

LAST CALL Madrigal Silicone Mold

Madrigal is a round floral medallion design featuring a center dahlia surrounded by a bouquet of tulips and daffodils and…

LAST CALL Mod Silicone Border

"Mod" stands for modern and that was our intent when we designed this silicone cake border mold. Once finished, though…

LAST CALL Ostrich Impression Mat by Elisa Strauss

OSTRICH IMPRESSION MAT BY ELISA STRAUSS Noted for her ability to translate fashion into cakes and other confections, Elisa Strauss knows…

LAST CALL Small Zigzag Silicone Mold by Elisa Strauss

Dress your cakes up in style with the fashionable trim Small Zig Zag Trim Mold creates from fondant, gum paste,…