• 8" OG Icing Scraper by CakeSafe 6008" OG Icing Scraper by CakeSafe 3008" OG Icing Scraper by CakeSafe 300
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  • The OG Icing Scraper by CakeSafe - 8 inch.

    The OG Icing Scrapers are a great tool to get perfectly smooth sides on your cakes. The beveled edge can be pressed up against the edges of the Acrylic Disks and will remove cleanly and quickly, any excess buttercream or ganache from the sides of your cake. Even used without the Disks, the Icing Scrapers will make the sides of your tiers crisp and clean, and will save you time. Please also note that Scrapers are very sharp in order to achieve the smoothest possible finish on your cake. Use caution when handling them. Dropping or mishandling scrapers may result in tiny chips that will affect the use of the Scraper.

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