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  • Now you can get all the benefits of Collagen Hydrolysate while on the go with these new convenience packs!

    Includes 20 single serving (12g) convenience packs (total net weight 250g)

    How to Use Collagen Hydrolysate:

    This water soluble collagen hydrolysate can be mixed into hot or cold foods without congealing. You can mix it in drinks, cereals, oatmeal, yogurts and more.

    Great Lakes recommend one to two servings per day depending on your diet, activity level and need. One serving in the morning and one later in the day is best.

    Provides you with high protein & amino acids

    Helps support & maintain flexible & healthy joints & connective tissues

    Helps with your body's ability to heal & repair

    Helps fight aging issues Like cartilage damage & collagen loss

    Increases the gloss, shine, & health of your hair, skin & fingernails

    Ingredients: Hydrolyzed Collagen.

    Gluten Free


    No GMO Ingredients

    Made from Pasture Raised Beef

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