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Fondarific uses only high quality ingredients to create a fondant with delightful and smooth, creamy texture and buttercream flavour. Fondarific is very pliable - use less or NO powder sugar and NO shortening, with NO elephant skin. Easily drapes over corners without tearing and has an unlimited work time. Great for beginners. Fondarific, dries firm, but does not dry out. Fondarific is revolutionizing the Fondant World, manufacturing a high quality gourmet fondant in the USA with 13 flavors and 14 brilliant colors. Our fondant is great for the beginner as well as the professional Cake or Sugar Artist. With Fondarific you now can go back to enjoying the art of caking decorating.


3D Bird Mold

Out of Stock

A lifelike 3D bird mould. Shown in the product images are a Robin and Great Tit, but the mould output…

Baroque Scrolls Mold

This mould has been created with antique brass findings, which would originally have been used to decorate pieces of furniture.…

Fondarific White Gumpaste - 1 lb

SHORT DATE Mocha - Coffee Flavoured Fondarific Fondant. 2 lbs

Mocha - Coffee Flavoured Fondarific fondant. 2 lbs BEST BEFORE AUGUST 23RD, 2018. Fondarific uses only high quality ingredients to create…