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  • Eternity 3D Lace Mat - Cake Lace Mat By Claire Bowman

    Cake Lace silicone lace mat have be designed to work specifically with Cake Lace Mix and Pre-Mixed lace icing.

    To find Cake Lace Mix and Pre-mixed Click Here.

    This is sized as approximately:
    11.45" x 15.5" (29cm x 39cm)

    This beautiful design is made up from floral and foliage motifs on a honeycomb background. This mat features Cake Lace's UNIQUE 3D design creating edible lace at different thicknesses and levels, making it look even more like real lace!

    The Eternity Lace Mat is a brand new style of mat never seen before; a 3D Lace mat! Due to the different depths of the design in the mat, any lace you create with this mat will have natural 3D highlights. The Vintage Bows Mat is brilliant for cupcakes, or with the taller bows, larger cakes too!

    The Eternity Lace Mat, consists of both 3D and conventional 2D elements, and can also be used as an impression mat.

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