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-Cocoa butter is extracted from the cacao bean; it is edible and can be used in chocolate and confectionary crafting.
-Add cocoa butter to candy coating to help thin and make creamier.
-All natural food grade.
-Net Weight: 8 fl oz

100% pure cocoa butter is sweet-smelling (like chocolate!), with a smooth consistency. It is an excellent all purpose moisturizer and conditioner and is widely used in the manufacture of many personal care products. Apply cocoa butter directly to your skin as a moisturizer, or use it as an ingredient for soaps, lotions & other body care recipes.

Be sure to store cocoa butter in a relatively cool environment. Cocoa Butter will MELT at approximately 80F.

Ingredients: 100% Cocoa butter.

Warm in increments to 95F or 35C. Shake Well.

Shelf Life: Product is best used within 2 years from date if manufacture when stored under recommended storage conditions.

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