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Cake Play ready to melt isomalt nibs are perfect for pulled, blown or poured sugar display pieces, such as; gems, flowers, ribbons, baskets, blown figurines and animals.

To use, place Cake Play pre-cooked isomalt nibs on a silicone mat or in a flexible silicone measuring cup and microwave or heat under a lamp to soften.

Warning: cooked isomalt is very dangerous and can cause severe burns. If you are not familiar with the risks involved when working with hot isomalt please work under supervision of an experienced professional. DO NOT melt or warm isomalt with glue gun.

Ingredients: Isomalt.

ALLERGEN INFO: Made in a plant that processes peanuts.

Storage: 64-68*F (18-20*C) Store smaller pieces in an airtight container with desiccant pack. Do not refrigerate. Maximum 60% humidity.

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