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Made frompolycarbonate, these bar molds bring the finest detail and design to your chocolates or hard candy. Clear plastic allows you to see when the chocolate has set and pulled away from the mold. Professional chocolatiers love the detail and the glossy luster they achieve. Virtually unbreakable and will not warp or flex. Great for craft applications.

Each mold measures 5 ½” by 11”
7 bars per tray (22g)
4" x .87" wide
.4" thick

Polycarbonate Instructions

Use molds at room temperature.

Fill, clean, dry mold with properly-prepared chocolate.

Tap molds on counter top or work surface several times to remove air bubbles

Using a bench scraper or offset spatula, scrape excess chocolate from the top of the molds. Excess chocolate inhibits release from the mold.

Place on level surface in the refrigerator until set.

Once set, remove from the refrigerator (usually 20 mins or less).

Unmold the pieces from the mold by turning the mold upside down and give it a good strong tap on the countertop or work surface. Repeat until all cavities have been emptied.

If you find that your finished pieces are sticking, you can polish the cavities with an eye glass cleaning cloth or a cotton make up pad to buff/polish the mold. This will aid in the release of the finished product.

Do not try to pry the pieces from the cavity, they will only release when properly set. Most objects will damage the finished pieces and likely the mold itself.

Tip: When using a mold for the first time, they tend to be a little more difficult to remove as the mold has not been “seasoned”. If possible, run a few “test” batches to start the seasoning process. The more they are used, the easier they release!

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