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Measuring 8 cm (3.2 inches) and less than 0.000125 mm or .13 microns thin, the goldleaf disintegrates in the mouth without flavor, but beautifully enhances edible delights.

To Use: These sheets of edible gold leaf (E175) comes firmly adhered to transfer backing sheets. These are the preferred edible gold sheet type for applying to large surface areas of a cake.

To apply to fondant: Make sure your fondant surface is slightly tacky by applying steam or moisture. Carefully remove the edible gold sheet from the booklet while keeping the backing sheet in place - you can cut to the size you require with scissors. Apply the gold directly to the cake surface while holding the edges of the transfer sheet & gently rub over the backing sheet to ensure the gold attaches to the cake surface.

All our edible gold leaf and silver leaf, flakes and dust conform to governmental and industry regulations, as well as being kosher and halal certified, so you can offer our line with complete confidence.

*Edible 23 kt Gold Leaf is available in different forms, known as food coloring agent E175, as designated by the European Commission (EC). There are no restrictions in Canada and Europe regarding the permissible daily allowance of these products, however it is not intended for daily consumption. But should be used as selective decoration, and for occasional use. Edible gold leaf Flakes and Dusts are also offered in certain countries with specific exemptions for use in sparkling wines, liquors and other alcoholic beverages.

We recommend that interested parties refer to individual countries? particular legislation regarding the use of these products where they will be offered.

Ingredients: Edible Genuine Gold Leaf (Food colour E 175 Gold).

Keep dry.


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