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Blossoms - White Chocolate by Callebaut - 4kg

Blossoms - White Chocolate by Callebaut Size: 4kg Creamy taste in a mini curl. Blossoms White are tiny rolls made out of CallebautĀ®'s…

Callebaut Dark Chocolate Mousse Mix - 800 g

1 Review(s)
Callebaut Dark ChocoRocks - 2.5kg

Callebaut Milk Chocolate 823NV - 10Kg

1 Review(s)
Callebaut Milk Chocolate 823NV - 2.5Kg

2 Review(s)
Callebaut Mix Mini Crispearls- 425 Grams

5 Review(s)
Callebaut Pistachio Paste 1 kg

100% pistachios in a smooth, liquid paste by Callebaut. Size: 1kg (2.2 lbs) Carefully selecting the best crops in orchards all over…

2 Review(s)
Callebaut RUBY RB1 - 2.5kg

2 Review(s)
Callebaut Semi-Sweet Dark Chocolate 811 - 2.5Kg

1 Review(s)