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  • 8.5" Round Banneton Proofing Basket with Liner

    If you are making artisan style sourdough bread, you need a proofing basket. Also known as a Banneton in French, it is a must have item for your bread baking. Made from natural rattan cane, if you use without the liner, you will achieve the distinctive markings seen on artisan breads. When you use the linen liner, the markings will not show.

    Size: Medium 8.5”x3.4” Round– good for 1b or 500g of bread dough

    Includes: Linen Liner

    First time use:

    Cane Banneton baskets need to be conditioned for optimal results. It take approximately 3 uses to condition the basket properly. This involves dusting the basket appropriately prior to use and tap out any excess.

    How to clean a Banneton:

    As these proofing baskets are made from natural rattan, proper cleaning & care is required to help maintain the basket. It is important to clean after each use to keep away mould growth.

    Using a clean bristle brush, carefully remove any dough or flour that may be stuck in the basket. Store the baskets in a cool, dry area. To fully clean, do it carefully and sparingly - soak it in cold water for a few minutes, gently scrubbing away any residue – do not use soap. If you have mould development, bake the basket (without the liner) at a low heat 115C-130C for a few minutes to kill the bacteria, then allow it to dry fully – in a sunny window works well.

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