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  • Americolor Flo-Coat - turns water in to oil! For use with Americolor Soft Gel Paste to color chocolate.

    By adding Flo-Coat to chocolate, it will allow you to use any one of the 42 Americolor Soft Gel Pastes. Gives a rich, glossy, and vibrant color to white chocolate and white compound or coating (Merckens or A'Peels) chocolate every time.

    How to use: To color compound coating: melt 1 lbs compound coating/chocolate, add 1 tablespoons Flo-Coat then 1 teaspoon Soft Gel Paste onto the Flo-Coat, mix thoroughly. The Flo-Coat will smoothly and evenly disperse the Soft Gel Paste into the coating, resulting in a smooth pouring consistency.

    As you proceed with your work and find that your coating is beginning to set up, add more Flo-Coat to keep it liquefied.

    Flo-Coat will not harm your coating regardless of the quantity used to maintain your desired consistency. Flo-Coat will enable you to realize the maximum yield from your batch of coating/chocolate resulting in a savings by eliminating lost batches. Flo-Coat provides a firm texture, beautiful shine, and greatly improves mold release. Flo-Coat is a wonderful candy making aid that allows you to use any of the 42 Soft Gel Paste colors to achieve your most demanding compound coating coloring needs, while making your task a great deal easier.

    Kosher certified

    FDA Approved

    Ingredients: Propylene Glycol, Lecithin.

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