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X-Acto Style Craft Knife

This knife has an aluminium handle with finger grip and pointed #11 blade for precise cutting. It comes with a clear plastic safety cap that covers the blade when not in use. Perfect for delicate gumpaste work.…

Xanthan Gum 2 oz

XL 24" Comfort Green Disposable Piping Bag - Box of 100

With its special soft touch grip, these extra large 24" Comfort Green piping bags, represents the top-of-the-line segment in piping bags. Comfort Green uses a unique, patented production process. The unique characteristics of the extremely flexible yet firm-grip multi-layer foil ensure that the professional can continue to achieve clean, precise results even after hours of repetitive actions. The Comfort Green works just as well as the cotton piping bag and can also be easily changed over and filled up. The master knows that the smallest mistake can cause irreparable damage. That is why we offer Comfort Green - efficient and effective for every professional. The undisputed Number One in piping bags.…

XL Vintage Truck With Tree - 5"

XL Vintage Truck With Tree - 5" Ann Clark Cookie Cutters are made in Rutland Vermont and are certified food safe. You can use our products on dough, soft food and in crafts. Certified Safety: Our cookie cutters meet safety requirements under California’s Proposition 65 for lead and cadmium, CPSIA for lead, Bureau Veritas country of origin marking, and FDA - GRAS for metal intended to come into contact with food. Ann Clark's tin-plated steel cookie cutters are NOT dishwasher safe! To clean and prevent rust, hand wash and dry immediately. Handy Drying Tip For Preventing Rust Wash your cookie cutters and baking sheet(s) immediately after baking. AFTER turning off your oven, place the cookie cutter(s) on the washed cookie sheet and place in the cooling oven. Let the remaining warmth of the oven dry your cookie sheet(s) and cutter(s). This tip can also apply to other kitchen items made of tin plated steel including decorating tips and spring foam pans.…