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SugarVeil Confectionary Icing - 5 lb pail


SugarVeil has the look of a flexible royal icing, but has quite a different taste: a creamy, melt-on-the-tongue, not-too-sweet, pleasant flavor.

SugarVeil's great finesse is as a flexible icing which may be piped, combed, or smoothed onto silicone or parchment, which later "sets" so that the decorations may be peeled from the surface and malleably draped around the contours of a cake. These pieces may be made in advance, stored air-tight to retain their flexibility, and used when desired.

Once mixed, SugarVeil may be stored covered in the refrigerator for at least 3 weeks.

With a 5 lb. pail of SugarVeil - which yields 105 square feet of SugarVeil "fabric" - you can:

? 275 beautiful 6" bows with tails or
?680 polka dot cakes or
?1225 cakes wrapped with SugarVeil veils

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